The Crystal Connection

FVince Jensen Fall 2014acilitated by Vince Jensen
July 30th & August 27th, 2016
$15 Prepaid/$20 day of workshop + $10 material fee.

Please come in to the Learning Light or give the office a call @ 714 533 2311
during normal business hours to get the $5 prepaid discount!

This class outlines general information about crystals and their connection
to the 7 chakra system, light, sound, and the 5 elements
from Pythagoras based sacred geometry.

Information about crystals and how to care for them will also be covered including:
• Cleansing the crystals of any unstable or negative energy
• Charging the crystals to enhance their energies
• Balancing the crystals so they work with your energy and other crystals
• Setting Intention for the crystals to be in sync with you

Utilization of the stones will also be discussed and practiced including:
• General uses for each crystal in day to day life
• Creating Crystal grids to get the most power from multiple crystals
• Meditation tools to help enhance and balance specific energy centers
• Crystal concoction helping energize and refresh your body with crystals

Material fee will cover handout for the
class and a carefully selected set of crystals.

Vince was raised at the foot of Mt. Shasta in it’s small town surrounded by lush forest and mountain life. His life’s path brought him down to Southern California and away from the beauty of the emerald landscapes into a pool of new adventures and opportunity. Since he was a child Vince was always interested in crystals, or at the least he thought they looked awesome, and felt attracted to them. He never really did anything with them until 2010 when he started learning more about the findings of quantum science and metaphysics being parallel to each other. Since then he has delved into the world of crystals and other spiritual fields to better understand that marvels of the universe.


The Reflection Room

Afsi1Facilitator: Afsi Mostajab

Reflection Room is open to public at 6:00- 7:00 pm every Monday night.

Sit in anytime, for however long you like…no agenda. no pressure.

No admission fee. We welcome All; donation to LLF are accepted and encouraged.

There’s no accident we are here together in this lifetime. We feel honored and grateful. We designed the Reflection Room for the purpose of :

  • Creating a Safe Space for ALL to Heal and Reflect
  • Channeling Healing Energy for those who are currently in need of comfort
  • Providing a Supportive Environment to those who’d like to participate in Universal Balance; Sharing their love and light with the World

This is a FREE Event. It’s our way of Giving back to this magnificent Universe. Enjoy your time here. No Pressure. No expectation. Sit in anytime. Stay as long as you like. If you’d like to Receive healing, simply set the Intention before entering the room.

Feel free to Sit in before your Healers’ studio session to intensify the healing process. Individual 30 min sessions can be reserved for $15 at the Healers’ Studio.

Afsi Mostajob is a LLF Healer & Facilitator


Energy and Creation

Instructor: Jeri FerrellJeri New

Cost $20

Tuesday Evening 7-9pm

Come see how the world of Vibrational Energy applies to you, Not just in regular everyday life…But… Also including topics of: Multidimensionality, Co-creation, Awareness, Ascension & everywhere in between!

This is an ongoing class of different levels, all are welcome to expand in this community together!

Each class is channeled & specifically for the group the shows up. A mini channeled message at the end of class for all that attend.

Reoccurring topics include: Co-creation, connection to the Divine, Vibrational Energy Techniques, Raising Vibration, Ascension, Higher States of Consciousness and how to open up areas where you are blocked.


Jay Weinert 2014Journey into Consciousness

Instructor: Jay Weinert

Cost $20

Every week on Wednesday at 7:00 to 9:00pm

New students welcome ANYTIME!

Consciousness is the energy at the basis of all creation. In this class we will use guided techniques to explore subtler levels of consciousness. At the start of each class, we’ll have a brief discussion and then begin our gently guided journey to plumb the depths of the finer energy fields that form the physical and astral Universes. Every student, no matter what their past spiritual experience, can expect to encounter new and profoundly life-changing exposure to the finer realms of existence. After our journey, we will each take some time to record our experiences in a journal. Those who wish will then have the opportunity to share their insights with the group. Finally, we’ll compare our perceptions with passages from the great spiritual texts and teachings of the Great Masters.

JAY WEINERT is an energy healer and a spiritual counselor. While practicing Transcendental Meditation and T.M. Sidhi program twice daily for over 34 years, Jay continues to do research in higher states of consciousness through meditation and studying the teachings of the Great Masters. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Western Philosophy from Maharishi University of Management, and a master’s degree in International Relations from Florida State University.


Psychic Forensics and Intuitive Development

Instructor Nick SutcliffNick Sutcliffe2

Cost $20

Every week on Thursday 7:00pm – 9:00pm

This class is for the development of both beginners as well as professional readers and/or healers. It will provide opportunities for seasoned readers to mentor newer students in regards to working as a teacher and it will also allow the new beginner readers to experience actual cases as well as advanced levels to stimulate further achievement. The class environment will be light, easy going, and supportive and will allow for simple observation, if preferred, or actual participation with more serious cases.

Subjects will include:

Remote Viewing: Where students will be given a name of a subject, for instance, so they can psychically tune into the individual and their emotional state and therefore help identify their physical description as well as describe their immediate surrounding and location.

Psychometry: Where personal objects, such as clothing, rings or jewelry will be used to help pick up the vibration, energies and personal information about the individual concerned.

Divination: Practicing making future predictions.

Scrying: Using an object such as a looking glass, crystal ball or candle to foresee the future.
Distant Healing: Learning to focus healing energy in an effort to help those at a different location.
Psychic Forensics: When possible, working on actual cases involving missing persons, stolen property or criminal activity.
Mystery Guest: Special guest will be invited to join the group. Each student will provided their own intuitive impressions. Feedback will be then be given to validate information.

Skyping: Another opportunity to identify both personal information as well as actually viewing the subject’s location. Skype will allow for the immediate feedback and verification of information.
Principals of Hawaiian Shamanism: The seven principals show us how we create our reality.
Map Reading and Treasure Hunting: Maps or drawings will be provided, to tune into, with the use of pendulums and dowsing rods, etc to help located specific targets.

*If you would like to be a Mystery Guest, please submit contact information, First & Last Name, and a photograph of yourself to program.coordinator@learninglight.org

Cooking delights will regularly be included with each class and will include homemade soups, fruit compote, pies and various other surprises. Students can feel free to bring their own fabulous treats to share.

Nick has been working with LLF as a healer & reader for over 30 years. He currently teaches Psychic Development on Thursdays, is a psychic reader at our monthly holistic fairs and formerly served on The Learning Light’s Board of Directors. Nick’s current healing sessions are purely energetic in nature. Each session lasts approximately 15 – 20 minutes.

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