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Spirit Dance

Movement Meditation Workshop & New Moon Manifestation Ritual
Facilitated by World Champion Dancer & Reiki Master Tehani

“Clearing Out & Amping Up for Greater Manifestation Power”

Saturday April 18, 2015
10:15AM – 11:45AM

Workshop & Ritual:
$22 Prepaid/$25 Door

Join us for a morning of movement, ritual, sharing and healing through easily-executed intentional movement meditations.  Tehani’s “Spirit Dance” is a workshop of sacred dance methods researched and studied around the globe (in over a dozen countries) under traditional practitioners of these rituals at their source of origin.  Blending her background in dance, Anthropology, energy work, ritual and metaphysics, Tehani delivers a workshop that is fun, “user-friendly,” community-building and healing on a holistic level.  Come Spirit Dance!  All are welcome 

Guided Meditation & Channeling of the Elohim and Archangels

Facilitators: Gloria Lindsay & Crystal Noldon

2 - 4 pm (Please note time change!)
Admission: $30

Two amazing events in one workshop!  Spend an afternoon of blissful energy starting with a guided meditation, followed by a channeling of teachings from The Elohim and the Archangels.  The guided meditation is a healing experience that takes you on a journey into the heart center leaving you feeling balanced, relaxed, and refreshed.  The channeling, which follows the
meditation, is filled with the profound teachings of The Elohim, The Great Creator Beings, and the wisdom of the Archangels.  The audience will be able to ask the channel questions afterwards, and will leave feeling centered and rejuvenated, with new insight about their missions in life.  

Gloria Lindsay is an author of transformational poetry and a motivational speaker. Her melodic voice, as she recites her poetry and leads the guided meditation, transports one into a transcendent state of bliss, where life changing experiences occur to all who hear her. Her published books include Connections with Spirit, Guided by Spirit, and Sacred Prayers, Volume. I, which are channeled insights, prayers, and meditations.  Her 3rd book, Triumph over Trauma, is a memoir of how her younger daughter successfully overcame birth trauma.  She has three spiritual poetry CD’s, and conducts Sacred Merkabah Workshops with Crystal Noldon and Paula McIntyre. Gloria is certified in The Reconnection Healing, Levels I-II, The Awakenings Healing, and has training in Kundalini Yoga.  She has a BS from UCLA, and a MS Degree from USC.

Crystal Noldon is a Divine Channel and Healer.  She has studied many healing modalities and is certified in The Reconnection Healing, Levels I-III, Reiki Healing, Level I, and The Avesa Balancing Technique, Level I.  Over the past four years, she has been channeling Archangel Metatron and The Rainbow Mist Weavers (Light Weavers), to bring forth the sacred healing sounds of the Merkabah, resulting in two channeled CD’s of Sacred Merkebah Chants.  However, during the fall of 2010, she channeled exclusively The Elohim and The Creator Beings.  Throughout the year, she conducts Sacred Merkabah Workshops with Gloria Lindsay and Paula McIntyre, and does dream interpretation and intuitive readings.

Minstrel Streams Live! 

Learning Light Foundation is pleased to announce a concert featuring New Age recording artists Minstrel Streams.
Minstrel Streams is a husband/wife duo featuring Matt Stuart playing keyboard and acoustic guitar; and Rebecca Stuart playing flute and Native American flutes. Their music is a blend of classical, folk, and world music. Their latest CD “New Horizon” is an international success being in the top ten for three consecutive months on the New Age radio charts. It was also a GRAMMY contender.
DATE: Saturday April 18 - 7pm to 9pm  
$20 presale; $25 at door
To order tickets over phone: 714-533-2311

Featured Weekly Classes

Candle Magick: Exploring the Power
of Fire & Light in Prayer Work 

$20.00 plus $10.00 materials fee 

Everyone has wished upon a birthday candle or perhaps lit a candle in remembrance of a loved one.
Have you considered using the power of wax and fire to enhance your personal life, or the lives of others?
Learn to use this easy energy boost and ways to increase the power of your candles for healing, prosperity & more! All Students will be making a Custom Blessed and Consecrated Candle in class to take home.
We will explore together in this class:
Learn how to incorporate stones, crystals, herbs, oils and symbolism in your candles.
Taper? Votive? Tea light? Figure? Jar? Pillar? Knob? 
Learn what candle shape & color to use for what purpose and why. 
Learn the Do’s & Don’ts of candle burning. To Blow Or Not To Blow?
Learn how the moon or sun phase will affect your work.
Learn to Safely Bless, Charge and make magickal candles for any purpose. 
Learn what candle you should ALWAYS have in your home.  
Learn what never to do to a candle. 
Learn the use of Candle Etching, Decoration, Prayer papers and more.
Learn proper disposal of wax, and candle byproducts.
Plus much more. 
Fee includes class, hand outs and all supplies for class project. “Don’t be left in the dark!”
Misty Morigianna Johnson
“I love candles! Anyone who can light a match– can light a candle! Used by all religions and spiritual
  paths throughout history, they are one of the simplest tools available for prayer work of any type. 
This class is fun and will expand your thoughts about a simple stick of wax & string!”
“Once I wandered among many paths and found it difficult to ask questions and explore new ideas with just books. Often, I came to roadblocks on my eclectic spiritual path or forks in the road and was forced to choose new directions. Now I teach and share my knowledge and help unblock paths others are now travelling. The more roads and paths you travel, the more you may learn.  The more you learn, the more it helps you to reach and create your own path. There is always more to learn and we all are students
as well as teachers on our roads of life, spirituality, and knowledge. I look forward to teaching and sharing the wisdom I have learned with all of you.”
Rev. Misty has been teaching at DragonMarsh in Riverside and online for over 20 years. She creates custom spiritual gift lines & clothing for several stores and has organized many Holiday/Craft/Class events to benefit local charities and pet shelters.  Her work has been featured in Magazines and you may have seen her on TV! 

Spirit Circle

SPIRIT CIRCLE with Royce Del Merari
WEDNESDAYS 7:00pm – 9:00pm
$5 Minimum Suggested Donation 


Working with Light, Love, Good Intention and Sensitivity with a High Ethical Standard. Coming together to experience spirit contact by practicing Mediumship with passed Loved Ones and also channeling Guides, Masters, Angelics, Deities and Interdimensional entities.  Includes brief presentations and discussions of metaphysical, spiritual, and after life subjects.  In the first half of our gathering, we perform a blessing, protection, and Chakra activation exercise, followed by an open spirit session to allow spirits and all highly energetic, well intended entities to come through.  The second half of  the meeting centers on the “Billet  Reading"  giving each person the opportunity to receive and to practice psychic reading.  BIO: ROYCE was born to a Native American mother who performed healings on family members. His father came from a family of psychics in Italy who traveled from town to town. Royce was introduced to "the other side" while traveling with his father to cleanse troubled spirits from the houses of friends and relatives.

Featured Healer


Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki® Master, Reiki Drumming, Tuning Fork Practitioner, Singing Bowls, Ocean Drumming, Energy Clearing 

$33 per 1/2 hour - Special Pricing Offer

MONDAYS, 6 - 7 pm  & by appointment 

Afsi has been on her spiritual Journey for over 20 years. She is a Reiki, Karuna 

Reiki® Master and uses different modalities when working on clients, such as Reiki Drumming, singing bowls, ocean drums, healing stones, tuning forks, chanting and connecting to her spirit guides and angles. Afsi facilitates the Healers' Studio on Monday nights.  During the week, Afsi works with Alzheimer patients, volunteers for Care-Alternative Hospice and enjoys her time giving Reiki healing to the patients and served as a volunteer member for the Bereavement Counseling team. Her goal is to help you find your inner peace~ She believes it's an honor to work on others.  

Change for Change

Projects are a collaboration and all about the small details. Please bring in your change and participate in the collaboration. We all empty our pockets and purses of small change, placing it in jars, bowls, and boxes. Please help us continue to change and grow. Thank you for contributing and turning a little change into big change!

Calling all Animal Psychics, Palm Readers, and Numerologists 

The Learning Light is now actively seeking professional and seasoned readers using the above mentioned methodologies for our monthly fairs AND appointment based readings!! If you or anyone you know may be interested in reading at the fairs please contact Vince during normal business hours at 714-533-2311 or leave an e-mail with your field of practice as well as contact information at program.coordinator@learninglight.org to set up an appointment for an interview. We look forward to hearing from you and hope to see some new faces at our fairs in 2015!

Healers' Studio- $15 Personal 30-Minute Healing Session 7:15-8:45pm
Reflection Room (sacred space for inner work) open from 6-8pm; facilitated by Afsi Mostajab. 
Readers' Studio- $15 for 2 Readings 7-9pm

Feng Shui with Nate Batoon, New Series of 8 beginning Jan 6th to Feb 24th 7-9pm
Energy and Creation with Jeri Ferrel,  ~ See calendar for dates, 7-9pm

Journey into Consciousness with Jay Weinert  7-9pm
Spirit Circle with Royce- 7-9pm
            The English Style of Psychic Development with Nick Sutcliffe 2nd and 4th Thursdays 7-9pm

Earth Rhythms Drum Circle with Liz & Meredith  7:30-9:30pm (1st Friday of each Month)