The Learning Light Foundation will be closed This upcoming Monday, May 30th in observance of Memorial Day, We will resume our normal business hours and schedule Tuesday May 31st. Have a wonderful Holiday. Love and Light!

Featured Workshop Saturday, May 28th

The Crystal Connection

Facilitated by Vince Jensen
May 28th, 2016
$15 Prepaid/$20 day of workshop + $10 material fee.

Please come in to the Learning Light or give the office a call 
@ 714.533.2311 
during normal business hours to get the $15 prepaid discount!

This class outlines general information about crystals and their connection 
to the 7 chakra system, light, sound, and the 5 elements 
from Pythagoras based sacred geometry.

Information about crystals and how to care for them will also be covered including:
Cleansing the crystals of any unstable or negative energy
Charging the crystals to enhance their energies
Balancing the crystals so they work with your energy and other crystals
Setting Intention for the crystals to be in sync with you

 Utilization of the stones will also be discussed and practiced including:
General uses for each crystal in day to day life
Creating Crystal grids to get the most power from multiple crystals
Meditation tools to help enhance and balance specific energy centers
Crystal concoction helping energize and refresh your body with crystals

Material fee will cover handout for the 
class and a carefully selected set of crystals. 

This week's featured Classes

Feng Shui 101 - CANCELLED
$20 New Members welcome anytime!
Teacher: Nancy Kimes
Learning Light Foundation
1212 E. Lincoln Ave
Anaheim, CA
9 weekly classes starting in May 2016
Tuesday Evenings: 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
*Fee $20
Learn the Tibetan Black Hat Sect Feng Shui. Nancy Kimes is an author of Feng Shui, has taught “The Art of Feng Shui” at Learning Light and in Lily Dale, N.Y. She has also presented Feng Shui 101 at The Temple of Light as well as in Lily Dale in the summer of 2015. She studied with Master Elnathan Batoon beginning in 2002 and mastered the art in several areas of her life including Career, Creativity, Helpful People and Travel.
Nancy will be introducing new tools to enhance your practice and provide fresh ideas that you can apply to each of the major areas of your life. Learn important information that can be applied to your home, business or practice. Nancy is stepping in to teach this class while “Nate” is taking a sabbatical to write his book.
Sign up at Learning Light. Walk-ins welcome.

Energy & Creation
Tuesday Evening 7-9pm 
5/10, 5/24, 6/14, 6/28

Come see how the world of Vibrational Energy applies to you, Not just in regular everyday life...But... Also inlcuding topics of: Multidimensionality, Co-creation, Awareness, Ascension & everywhere in between!

This is an ongoing class of different levels, all are welcome to expand in this community together!

Each class is channeled & specifically for the group the shows up. A mini channeled message at the end of class for all that attend.

Reoccuring topics include: Co-creation, connection to the Divine, Vibrational Energy Techniques, Raising Vibration, Ascension, Higher States of Consiousness and how to open up areas where you are blocked.

Intuitive Tarot 

Every Wednesday Evening
April 6,13,20, and 27
May 4,11,18, and 25
June 1,8,15,22, and 29
7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

The Learning Foundation
1212 East Lincoln Ave., Anaheim
(714) 533-2311
 with Terene

 Ongoing Class!

Tarot has been called “the royal road to enlightenment.” Learn to tap into your own intuitive powers by using this ancient spiritual tool. Each 2-hour class will focus upon different aspects of the tarot. These are hands-on classes and practice will be essential. We will cover new topics each week on an ongoing basis. The classes are open to all levels of tarot students. Some sample topics are listed below:
- History and Lore of the Tarot
- Intuitive Exercises and Hints 
- The 22 Cards of the Major Arcana (Astrological and Traditional Interpretations)
- Basic Numerology and its Significance in Tarot
- The Minor Arcana/Special Exercises for the Court Cards
- Practice with Various Spreads (New Layouts Each Class)
- Resources for Tarot Enthusiasts (Websites, Newsletters, and Associations)
- Time: Timelines, Seasons, and Solstices
- Reader’s Issues: Ethics, Expectations, and Accuracy
- Phrasing Good Questions and Delivering Clear Answers
- Tips for Using Imagery, Symbols, and Color in Tarot

*The cost is $20/class. There is a materials fee of $15.00 payable to the instructor for a beginning tarot notebook. (Intermediate and Advanced tarot notebooks are available as needed for additional $15.00/each.) Each class member will be required to purchase a Rider-Waite Tarot Deck (regular size). Please bring this deck to each class for illustration and practice purposes. Optional reference book: The Tarot Handbook by Angeles Arrien, New York: Putnam, 1997.

TERENE holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in psychology as well as a Juris Doctorate                                                                                                                                       in Law. She is an Ordained Minister in the International Metaphysical Ministry, a Certified Medical Intuitive, a Certified Spiritual Healing Practitioner and a Certified Reiki Master. She is also a lifetime member in the American Tarot Association and a member of the Theosophical Society.   She has been reading/teaching at LLF for 17 years.  For further information, please e-mail Terene at

Life in Balance Workshops
Life In Balance Workshops
Thursdays 5/26, 6/9, 6/23 
$25 Prepaid/$30 day of workshop
Starts May 26th

When life is not in balance, stress and uncertainty can often get the best of us;
often paralyzing us from achieving the life we want for ourselves. In this class,
participants will learn useful tool and skills to help them achieve more balance
in life and live the life they want. Each class will focus on a different subject,
and new participants are welcome to start at anytime.
Workshops Will Focus On:

 - Balance
 - Mindfulness
 - Relationships
 - Communication
 - Body awareness
- Money/ budgeting
- Managing stress and self-care
- Assertiveness
- Addressing negativity and non-serving belief systems

Crystal holds a Master’s degree in counselling, a B.S. in business, is a Licensed Massage
Therapist, a Reiki Master/Teacher, and a Karuna Reiki® Master/Teacher. She combines a
10-year background in holistic healing, life coaching, and business development to provide
a rich learning environment for participants to develop more balance and achieve
life goals from a holistic perspective. Her approach to her work combines a creative,
compassionate and o*en humorous approach to overcoming life’s obstacles. 

Psychic Forensics and Intuitive De
With Nick Sutcliffe

Change for Change

Projects are a collaboration and all about the small details. Please bring in your change and participate in the collaboration. We all empty our pockets and purses of small change, placing it in jars, bowls, and boxes. Please help us continue to change and grow. Thank you for contributing and turning a little change into big change!


The Learning Light is looking to support local artists and musicians by supplying a local venue to showcase their talents! We are booking 1 and 2 hour spaces during our fair for our Mystic Lounge from 11:30am-4:30pm! If you are interested to volunteer your time and talent we will also extend advertisement and promotional opportunities! Please contact Vince via Email at!