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Saturday, September 6th

Shahram will be here September 6th.  This event will be a magical evening!

The Future of Spirituality - An Evening with Shahram Shiva

Saturday, September 6, 2014 – 7-9 PM
$25 prepaid - $30 day of event

Call (714)533-2311 during business hours to reserve your space. Or email with your phone number and we will call you when the bookstore office opens.

What Comes after Yoga, The Next Level of Spirituality,
Consciousness Expansion, Rumi Poetry & Guided Whirling

Join renowned performance poet, Rumi expert, author, recording artist and teacher of advanced spirituality Shahram Shiva for a transformative and magical evening that will expand your mind, rock your soul, speed up your evolution and take you to a place beyond right or wrong. 
Shahram Shiva, in addition to the above themes, will teach you about:
His 4 levels of soul evolution.
The yoga of the mind.
Where you are in your own evolution and what is next for you.
The universe’s unlimited and infinite love and support for you and how to tap into it.
Vision Manifestation and how to get exactly what you want and more...
Following tonight’s event, Shiva will guide the group into an ecstatic whirling experience through his own unique and proven method.

“Shahram Shiva embodies the culture, the wisdom and the history spirituality in his very genes. He will restore the exultation of spirit in your Being.” -Deepak Chopra

Rumi Expert with over 20 years experience of sharing Rumi with the world. 
The only major Rumi presenter in the world who actually speaks the language of Rumi.
Author of 4 books.
Recording artist with 2 albums.
Performance poet, with 20 years experience of presenting large-scale concerts. 
Conducted 26 events at the Kripalu Center alone in the past few years.
Shahram Shiva is a universal emissary and teacher of advanced spirituality.
Deepak Chopra has said the following: “Shahram Shiva embodies the culture, the wisdom and the history spirituality in his very genes. He will restore the exultation of spirit in your Being. This passion is holy and will heal you.”

Earth Rhythms Drum Circle


First Friday of every month
7:30 to 9:30pm
Come and enjoy a night of magical rhythms and let your spirit soar to the heartbeat of the drum. Feel the freedom to express yourself in sacred space as you connect to the rhythms of the Earth. Drum and dance to eclectic rhythms and universal beats.

•    Heal yourself and others through the power of the drum
•    Feel the magic of unified energy
•    Connect with power animals
•    Relieve stress and tension
•    Feel energized and uplifted

All levels of drummers welcome. Some instruments are provided, or you may bring drums, rattles, and other sound instruments.

Reiki Practitioner Certification

with Debbie Nuccio Durrough

10:30 AM – 6 PM

Tuition: $200 with $25 Materials fee ($225 total) IF pre-registered/prepaid, or pay $232 with $25 Materials ($257 total) on 9/6. Materials fee includes: Reiki I & II Training Manual, Handouts, Crystal, and Certificate of completion ready for framing and include how you want your name to appear on your certificate of completion.

Reiki (pronounced “ray-key”) ~ A Japanese Energy-Balancing Method of “laying on of hands” to promote Energy Renewal and Relaxation. Reiki treats the “whole person” by restoring balance on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level. Reiki is safe and will complement any form of traditional medical treatment. According to the American Hospital Association, in 2007, 15% or over 800 American hospitals offered Reiki.


The history of Reiki, the Reiki Principles, Reiki Level I and II Attunement, learn how to utilize the many benefits of Reiki for yourself, family, friends, pets, plants etc., the Reiki Hand Positions, Reiki Level I and II Symbols, a review of the Human Energy System and Chakras, how to Combine Sound with Reiki, Reiki First-Aid, Distant Reiki, Practice Session, what is needed to set up a Reiki Practice, and more! For more information visit:


Channeling Rainbow Walker by Matthew Douglas

with Matthew Douglas

Saturday September 6th and October 4th     
Time: 11am-12:30pm
Cost: $25

Welcome! Matthew Douglas channels a group of spiritual advisors who call themselves Rainbow Walker. Rainbow Walker includes Zac (Matthew’s guide), Yogi (an Ancient Master), Joy (an Angel who Raises the Vibration), and Seth (some of you may have heard of him through his previous work in the 1970s with Jane Roberts).

Rainbow Walker supports your journey to truth, happiness, love, peace and enlightenment. Our sole purpose is to help you move closer to your quest for self-discovery.

Matthew Douglas was born and raised in a small Indiana town in the United States and is the youngest of four siblings. He faced many challenges in life, which provided him with the growth he needed to step forward into this expression of his true purpose.  
Matthew realized he was a natural channel for Rainbow Walker in 2003 and has been channeling them ever since. Rainbow Walker is a collective of spiritual guides who call themselves Rainbow Walker. Rainbow Walker includes Yogi, Joy, Zac, and Seth. Yes, this is confirmed to be the same SETH who worked with Jane Roberts to product the SETH Material in the 1970s. Matthew is dedicated to sharing their transformative information with the world. He is passionate about spreading their inspirational work and enjoys helping other people find their true path by looking within.

Discover More at

Using Tarot to Boost Your Career

Facilitator: Terene Cap Day

Saturday: September 6th
1:00 PM to 4:30 PM

*The cost of this workshop is $30 prepaid or $35 at the door. There is also a class materials fee of $5 payable to the instructor.  Class members are encouraged to bring tarot deck(s) of their own choosing.  The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck will be used for class illustration purposes.  Only a very basic knowledge of tarot is required.

Economic issues have been getting top priority since the recession began in the fall, 2008.  Tarot can be a useful guide through these tough times.

Tarot symbols comprise a meaningful, cogent, and unified philosophical system that you can use to coach yourself through career issues, opportunities, and choices.  Regularly used, tarot can help you plan your life path, design a new career direction, perfect skills, or navigate around dead ends. These workshops are open to tarot enthusiasts of all levels.
Topics covered include:

    The Mission Spread (Life Lessons Correlated to Career Lessons)
    Career Issues and The Wands
    The Accomplishment Cycle Spread (Creation, Action, and Completion)
    Tarot Techniques for Coping with Career Difficulties
    Meditative Tools for Workplace Effectiveness/Abundance

Active participation is highly encouraged and classmates will read for each other in a supportive environment. As Aristotle stated, “We are what we repeatedly do.” Please join us to discover valuable insights into your life purpose and career!

TERENE holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in psychology as well as a Juris Doctorate  in Law. She is an Ordained Minister in the International Metaphysical Ministry, a Certified Medical Intuitive, a Certified Spiritual Healing Practitioner and a Certified Reiki Master. She is also a lifetime member in the American Tarot Association and a member of the Theosophical Society.   She has been reading/teaching at LLF for 16 years.  For further information, please e-mail Terene at

Look Who's back at The Learning Light This Fall

Mediumship Demonstration

International Medium Robert Brown

Robert Brown returns to The Learning Light Foundation!

Saturday ~ September 20, 2014 ~ 7:00 to 9:00 pm

$50.00 front two rows, $70.00 for two general prepaid and $40.00 general seating or day of event

Call (714)533-2311 during business hours to reserve your space. Or email with your phone number and we will call you when the bookstore office opens.

Robert Brown, Spiritual Medium from London, England RETURNS TO THE LEARNING LIGHT!  Robert was awarded Life Time Achievement Award  from The Learning Light as well as  Honorary Life Member in 1999.

 Robert Brown... was born with the gift of mediumship, his first experiences as a very young child eventually led him to further develop his gifts. Starting in earnest as a teenager, he attended development classes at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain, his tutors were Gaye Muir and Ivy Northage. Later he joined the home development circle of medium Peter Close, a wonderful group that produced a number of mediums working today, Robert went on to run the circle during Peter's many travels abroad. Invited by the then Secretary of the S.A.G.B Tom Johansson, Robert was one of the youngest mediums to teach mediumship development classes at this prestigious Association.
Robert is truly an International medium as he travels extensively. For forty years he has continued to develop his gifts and it is a telling statement of his dedication, which he often repeats at his public demonstrations, that he intends to continue to develop his abilities "for as long as it takes for me to be of help to others'. He has traveled and demonstrated all over the World, throughout Europe, New Zealand, India, Canada and all over the United States.

Messages From Beyond Séance  Evening of Spirit Communication  

International Medium Reverend Stephen Hermann

Saturday, October 25th, 2014 ~ 7-9 PM

$50.00 per person for front two row seating,
$60.00 for two general seating prepaid or $40.00 one general seating and/or day of event
Reserve now as this will be a sell out!
The Learning Light Foundation
(714)533-2311 Please call during bookstore business hours.

Also, join Stephen Oct 22 through Oct 25th for his very special workshops.

Join world famous spiritual medium Reverend Stephen Hermann for an incredible evening of remarkable evidential mediumship and higher guidance from advanced guides in the spirit world.   If you enjoy watching John Edwards, James Van Praag and other television mediums, you will love this amazing psychic session during which Stephen will utilize his remarkable mediumship to bring through highly detailed and specific messages from deceased loved ones and higher guides for participants.   Bring your family and friends and be prepared for an exciting evening of spirit communication and profound healing.

 Reverend Stephen A. Hermann is an international medium with incredible talent. Through his highly detailed and accurate mediumship, Stephen is able to provide firsthand proof that life exists after death through specific messages containing names, dates, and places only known to the individual receiving the reading. As he makes contact with deceased loved ones, grief and loneliness disappear and proper healing can take place.   A featured personality on television and radio worldwide, Stephen's mediumship has been documented by the Associated Press and other news media.   A teacher with the International Spiritualist Federation, Stephen holds credentials as an Ordained Minister, Certified Medium, and Teacher with the National Spiritualist Association of Churches.  Stephen has worked as a research medium for the University of Virginia.  His evidential mediumship is the focus of a bestselling book in Macedonia.  Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Stephen travels extensively internationally teaching and demonstrating mediumship and spiritual healing.
 For more information about Stephen and his work worldwide visit:

Mediumship Demo with Tim Braun

Tim Braun shares his gifts with a mediumship demonstration.

Saturday ~ November 15th, 2014 ~ 7:00pm to 9:00pm

$50.00 front four rows seating, $60.00 for two general prepaid
 and $40.00 general seating or day of event

Call (714)533-2311 during business hours to reserve your space. Or email with your phone number and we will call you when the bookstore office opens.

Spiritual Medium Tim Braun has a rare ability to communicate with those who have passed on to the other side. Messages can come to him in the form of images, voices or feelings. Mediums can be clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairaudient (clear hearing), and clairsentient (clear sensing or feeling). Tim uses these three aspects of mediumship when he works with his clients. If you are looking to connect with loved ones who have passed, here’s your ticket. This will be an awesome and truly healing experience.

Reserve now as this will be a sell out event.
(714)533-2311 Please call during bookstore business hours.

 Reader's Studio Opportunities

Readers’ Studio is currently seeking advanced psychic development students or “new” professional readers for Monday nights (7-9 p.m.).  If you need to gain experience and confidence as well as perfect your professional skills, this is the venue to do so.  We have a rich diversity of clients and we share/learn new ideas and techniques from each other, in a “fun” environment.

For further information, please contact:The Learning Light Foundation

714-533-2311 or

or Terene Cap-Day, Facilitator @

*You can also stop by the bookstore or check out Readers’   Studio for yourself on Monday nights!  Hope to see you soon!


Change for Change.

Projects are a collaboration and all about the small details. Please bring in your change and participate in the collaboration. We all empty our pockets and purses of small change, placing it in jars, bowls, and boxes. Please help us continue to change and grow. Thank you for contributing and turning a little change into big changes.


Healers' Studio- $15 Personal 30-Minute Healing Session 7:15-8:45pm
Reflection Room (sacred space for inner work) open from 6-8pm; facilitated by Afsi Mostajab. 
Readers' Studio- $15 for 2 Readings 7-9pm

Feng Shui with Nate Batoon, New Series of 9 beginning Sept 9th to Oct 28th 7-9pm
Energy and Creation with Jeri Ferrel, Starting in Sept ~ See calendar for dates, 7-9pm
Building A Healthy Immune System & Creating Longevity with Kathleen Brozee, Sept 16th. 6:45-9pm
House Blessing & Cleansing
with Misty Morigianna Johnson,  Sept 30th, 7-9pm
Self Care with Essential Oils
with Kathleen Brozee, Oct 14th, 6:45-9pm
Exploring Dreams and Divinations
with Misty Morigianna Johnson, Oct 21st 19th, 7-9pm

Journey into Consciousness with Jay Weinert  7-9pm
Spirit Circle with Royce- 7-9pm
Mediumship Mechanics: Higher Levels of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience & Clairsentience with Medium Rev Stephen Hermann, Oct 22nd, 7-9pm
Strengthen Your Six Spiritual Senses with Debbie Nuccio Durrough, Thursdays 7-9pm
Psychic Forensics & Vital Energetics with Nick Sutcliffe 2nd and 4th Thursdays 7-9pm

Angelic Anatomy: Medical Intuition & Healing for the New Age
with Medium Rev Stephen Hermann, Oct 23rd, 7-9pm

Earth Rhythms Drum Circle with Liz & Meredith  7:30-9:30pm (1st Friday of each Month)
Psychic Surgery and Beyond: Advanced Energy Healing and Spirit Operations
with Medium Rev Stephen Hermann, Oct 24th, 7-9pm