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HAPPY NEW YEARS!! Wishing all a grand new chapter full of adventures, growth, and love! Let's make 2015 an amazing year together!! Much Love and Light through all vibrations, frequencies and dimensions!

Saturday January 31st!

Lotions and Potions

Facilitator: Misty Morigianna Johnson

Do It Yourself Aromatherapy Bath & Spa Creations

Saturday, January 31st
12:00pm to 3:00 pm
$20.00 plus $40.00 materials fee
Fee includes class, handouts and light refreshments and all supplies for spa items

Do you deserve some pampering?  Come and have fun learning how to easily make spa items for a fraction of the price charged by salons and spas?
Come and enjoy a cup of tea with me and create together in this 3 hour class:
Spa items such as bath crystals, milk/oats baths and fizzies, rubs, soaks, masks for hair/face, and tub teas.   You will make personally scented gels, oils, lotions, scrubs, body butters, balms and bars, and much, much more!
The class will cover techniques and recipes to make products, make and take samples, packaging, safety.
“I love to relax with a great face mask or enjoy a moisturizing scented bath with a good book.  When you shop for spa goodies like body butters or lotion bars the price can be scary, by making it yourself you not only save money but are able to use all natural ingredients.

“Once I wandered among many paths and found it difficult to ask questions and explore new ideas with just books. Often, I came  to roadblocks on my eclectic spiritual path or forks in the road and was forced to choose new directions. Now I teach and share my
knowledge and help unblock paths others are now traveling. The more roads and paths you travel, the more you may learn.  The more you learn, the more it helps you to reach and create your own path. There is always more to learn and we all are students
as well as teachers on our roads of life, spirituality, and knowledge. I look forward to teaching and sharing the wisdom I have                                                                            learned with all of you.”
Rev. Misty has been teaching at DragonMarsh in Riverside and online for over 20 years. She creates custom spiritual gift lines
& clothing for several stores and has organized many Holiday/Craft/Class events to benefit local charities and pet shelters.  
Her work has been featured in Magazines and you may have seen her on TV!

       Harmonic Toning

With Jay Weinert

Saturday, Jan 31st

Experience a healing and fun evening listening to the energizing qualities of Harmonic Toning.  Shamanistic Intuitive Energy Healer, Jay Weinert, will perform vocal Harmonic Toning channeled through him by high frequency vibration Beings.  These tones heal emotional and physical maladies by raising the cellular/molecular vibrational frequency of the listener.  Audience members have experienced an opening of their intuitive/psychic abilities, positive energy shifts in their lives, and an enhanced ability to communicate with their guides and angels.

The channel for Harmonic Toning was spontaneously opened for Jay during a healing session with a cancer patient.  Over time, this gift evolved and became an integral aspect of every one of Jay’s healing sessions.  Recently Jay was instructed to share this experience on a larger scale.

While he is channeling the Harmonic Toning, Jay will connect energetically with each member of the audience.  After the performance there will be an opportunity to share experiences and ask questions.  We look forward to seeing you at the Learning Light Foundation for this exciting evening.

Jay Weinert has been working full time as a Shamanistic Intuitive Energy Healer, Metaphysical Teacher, and Spiritual Counselor for over 12 years. He currently serves on the Board of the Learning Light Foundation, and holds a BA in Western Philosophy and an MA in International Relations.

Featured Weekly Classes

                            Healer's Studio

Facilitated by Master Healers:  Afsi Mostajab, Jay Weinert, White Eagle
Every Monday night
$15 for 30 minute Healing Sessions

First come, first serve... Ticket sales begin when the bookstore opens at 6pm. Tickets can not be purchased for others, and appointments can not be booked in advance with specific healers. However, the Facilitators do try to oversee that all healing requests are fulfilled as much as possible during the evening. There are two sessions held each Monday night. The first is at 7:15pm, and the second session is at 7:45pm; please be prompt!

This is a great way to explore and experience variety of Healing modalities if you’re new to energy healing.  If you’re familiar with healing, it’s a great way to stay connected to your mind, body, and spirit each week by giving yourself the Gift of Love and Light.   What a great way to start your week!    

We thank all VOLUNTEER Healers in giving back!  

If you are an Advanced Healing Arts Student or Practitioner and would like to give back to our Community, please join us at 6:45 pm for more information and opening meditation. Master Healers are always welcome.

Energy and Creation

Facilitator: Jeri Ferrell

Tuesday evenings 7-9pm :  1/27, 2/10, 2/24
New students welcome anytime!
$20.00 per class

Come have fun and learn in a relaxed atmosphere about Energy and Creation concepts~
We all have energy stored that can hinder alignment with our highest life path.  In this class we will take a look at energy patterns and soul lessons that can
deviate us from truly creating in the most high
~ And ~
We will work with co creation concepts, Vibrational healing methods and learn techniques to  work through all aspects of the Ascension and Creation process.  Each class is different and unique….come join in the fun! 

Jeri coaches a broad base of clients across the United States helping them to discover the benefits of "making energy work for you".  She is currently working on her book "Releasing the ties that Bind" and she has also developed a system for the working and releasing of old negative energy patterns that exist in all of us ~ using this system to enhance the
vibrationatory rate of the individual...Jeri has also developed a Certification Program for Healers/Energy Workers desiring to use her Vibrational Wellness techniques.  Visit for more info

HEALING THE CHAKRAS: Satsang with Brian Lottman

Facilitated by: Brian Lottman
Price: $15

call (714)533-2311

Satsang is a communion with the the Truth of one’s being.

Uncover deeper states of love, joy, and peace and immerse into higher states of consciousness through energy healing, mantra and simple meditation.

Two years ago, Brian renounced his old life and set out on a journey across the US, sharing the knowledge he’s learned along the way. He has held hundreds of sacred gatherings at various spiritual centers, yoga studios, and churches.

This gathering is supported by the Grace of Sri Sri Sri Svami Purna Maharaj.

  Journey Into Consciousness
Instructor:  Jay Weinert
Every Wednesday ~ 7:00 to 9:00pm

New students welcome ANYTIME!
$20 per class or $72 for 4 classes

Consciousness is the energy at the basis of all creation. In this class we will use guided techniques to explore subtler levels of consciousness. At the start of each class, we'll have a brief discussion and then begin our gently guided journey to plumb the depths of the finer energy fields that form the physical and astral Universes. Every student, no matter what their past spiritual experience, can expect to encounter new and profoundly life-changing exposure to the finer realms of existence. After our journey, we will each take some time to record our experiences in a journal. Those who wish will then have the opportunity to share their insights with the group. Finally, we'll compare our perceptions with passages from the great spiritual texts and teachings of the Great Masters.

JAY WEINERT is an energy healer and a spiritual counselor. While practicing Transcendental Meditation and T.M. Sidhi program twice daily for over 34 years, Jay continues to do research in higher states of consciousness through meditation and studying the teachings of the Great Masters. He holds a bachelor's degree in Western Philosophy from Maharishi University of Management, and a master's degree in International Relations from Florida State University.

Featured Healer


Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki® Master, Reiki Drumming, Tuning Fork Practitioner, Singing Bowls, Ocean Drumming, Energy Clearing

$33 per 1/2 hour - Special Pricing Offer
MONDAYS, 6 - 7 pm  & by appointment 

Afsi has been on her spiritual Journey for over 20 years. She is a Reiki, Karuna
Reiki® Master and uses different modalities when working on clients, such as Reiki Drumming, singing bowls, ocean drums, healing stones, tuning forks, chanting and connecting to her spirit guides and angles. Afsi facilitates the Healers' Studio on Monday nights.  During the week, Afsi works with Alzheimer patients, volunteers for Care-Alternative Hospice and enjoys her time giving Reiki healing to the patients and served as a volunteer member for the Bereavement Counseling team. Her goal is to help you find your inner peace~ She believes it's an honor to work on others.


Abraham Lincoln Transfiguration Séance

With Spiritual Medium Reverend Patricia Price

Thursday, February 12, 2015
7:00 to 9:00pm

$40.00 prepaid or $45.00 day of event
Call (714)533-2311 to reserve your seat as this is a very popular event!

In the spring of 1862, 21 year old, Henrietta Colburn, met Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of these United States. “Nettie,” is known as “Lincoln's Medium,” and history shows that while in a trance state, unaware that he was being strongly advised to defer the matter, she delivered a powerful address relating to the forthcoming Emancipation Proclamation, forcefully urging Lincoln “not to abort the terms of its issue and not to delay its enforcement as a law.”   In celebration of this great president, and Spiritualism, internationally known medium, Patricia L. Price will lead us in a transfiguration séance.  Gathering in a traditional home circle, participants will witness as a filmy substance builds slowly taking the shape of different facial features of those being communicated with from the other side before slowly fading away. Transfiguration most commonly occurs in psychic development circles, during full trance channeling and in meditation groups or during readings. This is an opportunity, not often available to the general public, with a renowned medium. It is sure to be a memorable and interesting evening. Remember to bring your cameras to capture the phenomena.  

"The photograph on the upper left of this ad was taken in the summer of 2014 and you can see a child transfigured in the lap of a circle participant. Another participant across the circle took this photo with her cell phone.  Patricia has had transfiguration phenomena in her circles in Lily Dale and her circles here at The Learning Light with photographed proof by those attending the circles.  These phenomena cannot be guaranteed. "

Messages from Loved Ones in Spirit 
Medium Hollister Rand

 Saturday, February 21st, 2015  7:00pm-9:00pm   
$50.00 front two rows seating, $60.00 for two general seating prepaid
and $40.00 general seating

Call (714)533-2311 during bookstore business hours to reserve your space. Or email with your phone number and we will call you when the bookstore office opens.

In “I’m Not Dead, I’m Different,” young spirits talk freely through medium Hollister Rand about how to make sense of murder, suicide, and accidental death.  They also discuss the different ways relationships on both sides can be mended, and how the inter-generational cycle of abuse and addiction can be healed forever.  The young in spirit introduce us to the concept of ‘joy guides’—miscarried and aborted children who actually help those they’ve left behind move forward.  The wisdom of the spirits, shared by Hollister in this uniquely comforting and enlightening book, will inform and inspire.  You’ll be surprised at how relevant what they have to say is to ALL of our lives.

* Is it possible to continue relationships beyond death?
* Do loved ones see what's going on in my life?
* Can they help me with the challenges facing me right now?

Get answers to these questions from the spirits themselves!  Experience the peace of knowing that those you love remain close to you.  Hear how those you love may be reaching out to you directly.

During the event, a number of audience members will receive specific messages from loved ones living in the spirit world.  There will be time to ask general questions about spirit communication and what life is like on the other side.

This group event is reading-intensive. There will be time afterwards to purchase Hollister Rand’s book, I’m Not Dead, I’m Different and have your book personalized by her.

Hollister Rand is a clairvoyant and clairsentient medium whose book I’m Not Dead, I’m Different is published by HarperCollins, and available in numerous languages worldwide.  Her television appearances include Oxygen’s Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood and America Now.  She is a frequent guest on radio including Sirius XM’s “The Séance” with John Edward, KOST FM’s “Radio Medium” and “Coast to Coast” with George Noory.  Her monthly columns are feature in Whole Person and Awakenings magazines.    Hollister’s monthly email newsletter, MESSAGES ~ Love, Hope and Healing in Spirit, is filled with “how to” articles, inspirational stories, and explores how we all can connect with loved ones in spirit.   To learn more about her work visit

Change for Change

Projects are a collaboration and all about the small details. Please bring in your change and participate in the collaboration. We all empty our pockets and purses of small change, placing it in jars, bowls, and boxes. Please help us continue to change and grow. Thank you for contributing and turning a little change into big change

Calling all Psychics, Mediums, and other Intuitive Talent Practitioners!!

The Learning Light is now actively seeking professional and seasoned readers for our monthly fairs! If you or anyone you know may be interested in reading at the fairs please contact Vince during normal business hours at 714-533-2311 or leave an e-mail with your field of practice as well as contact information at to set up an appointment for an interview. We look forward to hearing from you and hope to see some new faces at our fairs in 2015! 

Healers' Studio- $15 Personal 30-Minute Healing Session 7:15-8:45pm
Reflection Room (sacred space for inner work) open from 6-8pm; facilitated by Afsi Mostajab. 
Readers' Studio- $15 for 2 Readings 7-9pm

Feng Shui with Nate Batoon, New Series of 8 beginning Jan 6th to Feb 24th 7-9pm
Energy and Creation with Jeri Ferrel,  ~ See calendar for dates, 7-9pm

Journey into Consciousness with Jay Weinert  7-9pm
Spirit Circle with Royce- 7-9pm
The English Style of Psychic Development with Nick Sutcliffe 2nd and 4th Thursdays 7-9pm
Abraham Lincoln Transfiguration Séance with Spiritual Medium Reverend Patricia Price Feb 12th, 7-9pm

Earth Rhythms Drum Circle with Liz & Meredith  7:30-9:30pm (1st Friday of each Month)